Videocare Means Everywhere And Anytime

A visit to the doctor over the internet gives more people access to care regardless of time and location. It’s not the end of having “a physical”, but it’s a great complement.

You know what it’s like, trying to get help from your local hospital for yourself, your kids or your elderly parents.

You need to take time off from work (stressful), there’s travel time (traffic horrors), you have to expose yourself to the waiting area (kids sneezing and noses running), it takes time (boring and stressful), you’re there because you do not feel great in the first place and now you feel terrible, you run into your neighbor and have to explain (possibly embarrassing). And… It. Takes. For. Ever.

It doesn’t have to be like this, and in fact, things are looking promising. With video conferencing re-purposed for healthcare many consultations can be handled online via your smartphone or computer, especially for people suffering chronic conditions where the underlying problem has already been diagnosed.

Not only does this alleviate some of the frustrations of visiting a hospital for the patient, it also takes some of the strain off the thinly stretched resources of the clinics and hospitals. And it allows better use of resources overall, allowing medical professionals to see patients while dedicating the rest of their time to research. On top of this, it makes resources available regardless of geography balancing uneven demand and supply between regions at different times.

Setting up the structure to handle customer flow and customer journeys seamlessly between online and offline is an interesting technological and administrative challenge that Qmatic has been exploring for quite some time now. And we are happy to report; it is all looking good!

The Middle Way is Great for Contentment, Less Great for Customer Surveys

The HappyOrNot’s Smiley Terminals famously sport four bright beautiful buttons. Just looking at them can inspire joy. Some might think the four-button platform was a random choice. Others might think more buttons would better gauge customer experience by depicting a larger swath of the emotional spectrum. Still others think giving customers a middle button would be easier on them – they may not want to struggle with their emotions or they just might not want to think that hard.

First and foremost – the four-button format is deliberate! Believe it or not it has been the subject of numerous studies over the years.

New partner in Senegal

Titan International is a Senegalese company specialized in the architecture of the customer’s experience. Through their offers of support in the digitalization of the customer journey, interactive communication and Smart Business & Cities solutions, they help their customers transform every touchpoint into a place of life, exchanges, experiences, and emotions.

As the leader in Senegal and in the sub-region, Titan International are present in the entire value chain, from the identification of clients’ needs to implementation through solution design, distribution and support. They act as a major actor in digital transformation and promote the integration of Professional Communications with a managerial excellence of all industries.

Titan International are a member of the Colombe Group and has a team of qualified and versatile professionals who are committed to satisfy customers with efficiency and dynamism and in the utmost confidentiality.

How to do a Patient Waiting Time Analysis

The customer has for a long time been in control, this is a well-known trend. When it comes to healthcare around the world this has often not been the case for patients. However, this is changing. Patients are deciding how they want to receive their healthcare with many private options and online ‘digital health’ services such as direct prescriptions, video appointments ad testing services growing.

Long patient wait times are no longer acceptable

As more of the population live in a digital world, we are used to instant gratification. Frustration and dissatisfaction peaks as we wait for service with no information, sense of order or in stressful circumstances.

As a customer of a service we view the entire experience as one involving many touch-points including communications and physical interactions.

Often in healthcare, many touch-points include excessive waiting times and digital transformation is slow due to political budget pressures, legacy infrastructures and a requirement for wide spread cultural change.

Qmatic participates in the World IT tradeshow

From the 24th to the 27th of April Qmatic together with our Korean partner E1 information Technology participates and exhibits in the World IT tradeshow held in the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul South Korea.

The tradeshow is the largest ICT exhibition and is expected to attract 50,000 visitors.

Qmatic together with E1 Information technology is on site to display the latest solutions for customer experience as well as customer joiurney management.

Visit us and find out about how we specialize in giving everyone the help they need, delivered in the best way, at the right time.

Copenhagen airport transfer center installs Qmatic Orchestra 7

The idea of a better customer journey has lived with Qmatic ever since the start in a crowded restaurant in Gothenburg 1981. Back then the idea of a customer journey for the most part meant a better queuing system for customers. Since then the customer journey has evolved and its use have spread to different sectors.

Although we have a long experience with different customer journey solutions in a variety of sectors airports and the notion to create a great customer for air passengers has evolved. Passengers have a lot of information to handle during their travel and our vision is to deliver each piece of information at the right time and as updated as possible.

With that we would like to present the recent Qmatic Orchestra 7 system implemented in the transfer center of Copenhagen Airport. In cooperation between Qmatic and the Copenhagen Airport there was a brand new Qmatic Orchestra 7 solution installed in the airport transfer center further developing their awarded reputation as being the best airport I Northern Europe.

The reasoning behind the solution was to improve the transfer passenger journey and to simplify the different steps needed when switching flights.

The installing of Orchestra 7 resulted in a combined solution that facilitates 144 unique services offered by 4 handlings companies working 21 counters, on behalf of the 96 airlines operating through CPH. The number of passengers that goes trough the system is 10.000+ and the solution enables VIP card prioritization for SAS (Gold, Pandium etc.) members as well as SMS notifications for a better communication flow with the passengers.