Vaccine Scheduling System

Robust Scheduling Solutions for Large-Scale Vaccinations

Provide a safe and efficient way to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents across multiple locations. Designed to handle a large number of appointments and visitors, our vaccine scheduling system allows you to manage patient flow smoothly, maintain social distancing throughout the whole vaccination process, and handle complex needs, such as:

• Different vaccine providers in one branch

• Vaccination program across multiple branches

• Prioritized slots for second vaccination


Vaccine Appointment Scheduling

Enable residents to schedule their COVID-19 vaccinations easily. Qmatic vaccine scheduling solutions include:

• Options for residents to schedule appointment online or via a phone call

• Automatic booking confirmation, reminders, and notifications

Residents can book the second round immediately after they get vaccinated.


Remote Waiting with Mobile Ticket

Checked-in residents can be offered a Mobile Ticket or SMS reminders that allows them to wait remotely, so you can keep social distancing inside the building.

With Mobile Ticket, users can monitor their progress and get notifications when it's their turn to be vaccinated.


Supports Safety and Social Distancing Measures

With options for virtual queuing, we help you keep safety measures while dealing with a large number of people.

Efficient and Seamless Patient Journey

Set up automatic updates, reminders, and notifications to keep residents moving seamlessly throughout the whole process. From appointment scheduling, arrivals to queue management, everything is handled in one system.


To learn more about how our Queue Management and Appointment Solutions for efficient and safe COVID-19 Vaccinations works, please contact your Maskavia Representative.