See how the restaurant industry and businesses like Big Whiskey's American Restaurant & Bar are using StepNpull to their advantage.

We spoke with Bradley Hamm at Big Whiskey's location in downtown Springfield, Missouri about how his employees and customers use StepNpull.

He said Big Whiskey's on Park Central East has four units: one for the patio, front door, and bathrooms.

It's been over a year since he got them installed. Bradley says he first noticed it made it easier for employees to go in and out with trays full of food, and made for a lot less awkward moments.

Before, guests would have to help servers go from the patio back into the restaurant.

Now with StepNpull, busy servers and busy guests can just walk in using only their foot.

And another plus? Customers and staff don't have to touch a dirty door handle when leaving the bar's restrooms.

Bradley said he saw other StepNpulls at businesses around Springfield and that it would be useful at Big Whiskey's

And since he got them downtown, all the other locations have joined in.

We're glad to see these StepNpulls getting so much traffic! Thanks to Bradley and Big Whiskey's!