Safe patient journeys in a changing world

Safe Queuing in Healthcare

The current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges for all service providers. Healthcare institutions need to remain open and may have to deal with restrictions for a long time. How can hospitals and clinics ensure a Safe Patient Journey and work environment for staff and at the same time also strive to deliver excellent service and improve Patient Experience?


With Virtual Queuing and Appointment Solutions it is possible to:

  • Manage Patient Flow
  • Implement Social Distancing Queuing for patients
  • Minimize the risk of virus spread in your facilities
  • Improve resource allocation and reduce staff's stress level

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Patient Journey Experience


Knowing that a Patient’s Experience starts before they arrive at your facility and continues long after they’ve received care, are you confident that satisfaction is guaranteed?

Everyone wants the best possible assistance and a comfortable transition through the system. You want to be there for patients every step of the way but that’s a real challenge when you’re facing skills shortages, increased efficiency targets and more demands on your time than ever before.

Achieving a better Patient and Information Flow means removing the barriers to productivity, reducing unnecessary administration, allowing patients to exercise choice and focusing on quality of care and eliminating the pain of waiting in line.

Qmatic provides the Digital Intelligence healthcare institutions need to analyze the experience of citizens and staff. We help healthcare to get the most value from their resources without adding to personal workloads. We understand Patient Journey. It’s in our DNA! We have proven the benefits of our global experience with many healthcare providers. We offer complete Customer Journey Management and Implementation including Experience Design, Mobile Solutions, Technical Deployment, Measurement and Ongoing Support.


Patient Flow is critical to delivering the best possible healthcare experience. But skills shortages increased efficiency targets, added time and budget pressures make it a real challenge.

How to keep Patients moving

Healthcare facilities are often busy places. But if you adopt the right patient flow strategy, it’s possible to keep patients moving through the system while providing a better Patient Experience and improving the overall quality for everyone involved.

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