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At Maskavia, Customer Journeys are in our DNA. We’re behind the Advanced Technology and Cutting-Edge Development Tools you need to improve your Customer Journeys. We’re experts at providing the dedicated support you need for your own Journey towards business growth across the Financial, Healthcare, Public and Retail Sector.

By working together with our rapidly expanding family of Service Provider around Malaysia, we can become even more successful. That’s why we’re dedicated to our Partners and their ambitions and in the process you’ll get everything you need for your Journey with us:

  • Bring value to your business by partnering with a Global Innovator
  • Receive all the support you need to build your business
  • Get access to Advanced Technology and Development Tools
  • Gain early entry into high-growth markets
  • Enjoy recurring revenue through our Cloud offering and Customer Care

Here’s Why It All Adds Up



30  Years

Experience in Customer Journey Management


2 Billion

Customer Journeys a year



65,000  Installations

Successfully Completed Worldwide


120  Countries

With Qmatic Presence