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Designed and built for purpose with unmatched quality, reliability and flexibility.

Customer Journey Management is our Passion

We have been innovating resources to improve the Queuing and Service Process for decades. From the very first product we created, everything that bears the Qmatic name is designed and engineered with purpose. Every year, 25% of the world’s population passes through a Qmatic System.

We engineer Hardware and Software products for Flexibility and Integration into a complete solution. Because we oversee every step from R&D through warranty support for every component in the Qmatic Customer Journey Management Ecosystem, we can stand behind the absolute performance and quality of each solution that bears our name.

For our clients, a single source for purchase, deployment and support means less complexity and risk, faster implementation and upgrades and a lower total cost of ownership. You can trust that Qmatic Customer Journey products and solutions will work reliably and as you need it to every day and everywhere you do business.

Orchestra 7 - The Perfect Fit.

Think of Orchestra as a Solution you can tailor to become the perfect fit for your Customer Journeys, creating rich experiences for your customers, rewarding work environments for staff and deep insights and business value for your organization.

Orchestra 7 is a Modular, Scalable and World-Class Platform for Customer Journey Management. Always know that Orchestra can grow with you over time and as your ambitions develop. Whether you need simple yet ultra-smooth Queue Management on your premises. Whether you need a full Customer Experience or both, physical and via smartphone, its seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and provides powerful Business Intelligence.

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Solo - Simple & Extendable

Solo is a simple, extendable, fault-tolerant resource for organizations working to understand and streamline the Customer Journey within individual locations.

  • Self-contained components can be set up to function as needed in any environment
  • Simple, Intelligent Wireless, Digital and Hardware Solutions generate efficiencies and analytics
  • Scalable and Modular Solutions allow you to expand the solution as your needs grow

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Digital Signage - Engage & Entertain

Information is a crucial part of a calm, productive environment. Qmatic Display, Media Player, Vision and Sound Signage Products equip you to tell stories, engage, entertain and keep your environment working smoothly. These high-quality components work everywhere and in every way you need to ensure that your customers and employees share wait time and service expectations.

  • Display
  • Media Player
  • Vision and Sound

Signage Solutions are significant components of the Orchestra Customer Journey Management Ecosystem.

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Self Service Kiosks - Digital Receptionists

Qmatic Self-Service Kiosks are the first physical engagement your customer has with your environment. These attractive and intuitive components act as an on-premise gateway for customers, citizens and patients giving them a way to quickly self-manage processes like checking in or selecting service.

Because the components are part of the Qmatic Customer Journey Management Ecosystem, the information generated by the Kiosks empowers employees to do their job with more precision and personalization.

Qmatic produces three exclusive Self-Service Kiosks and Certified Tickets for use in the Kiosks. The components are designed to be used individually or combined to suit your environment.

  • Intro 17
  • Intro 8
  • Intro 5
  • Genuine Qmatic Tickets

Ultimately, this simple stop on the total Customer Journey is one of the most important.

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