Managed Service By Maskavia

Service Beyond Hosting

By Subscribing to Managed Service by Qmatic, you get all the Orchestra 7 functionality you need without having to bother about installing, hosting and maintaining the System

Managed Service by Qmatic is a professional Cloud Solution built on our expert knowledge of our Orchestra System. One will find several different solutions optimized for varying needs. Common for all of them is that they include both hosting and extensive maintenance of the Orchestra Configuration.

By partnering with AWS we can offer a Robust and Unique Solution with regards both to reliability and Orchestra Optimization.


A Solution Built on Experience

With numerous locally hosted customers around the world we know what it takes to manage an Enterprise Solution like Orchestra 7. Our Managed Service offering is geared specifically for the unique requirements of the Orchestra 7 Platform, resulting in an efficient operation.

Managed Service by Qmatic is available in 4 versions differing mainly in capacity, not in the range of services offered.


Managed Service by Qmatic Includes

  • Installation

    We take the full responsibility for professionally installing your Orchestra System in the Cloud Solution.

  • Security Monitoring

    An important part is to have a Lifetime Security. Your Orchestra 7 will be covered inside a complete security environment.

  • Certificates

    You will never think about Certificates again, we have automated all Certificates so it always have the latest version.

  • Application Monitoring

    We continuously measure and evaluate the system and provide direct updates when needed.

  • Updates and Upgrades

    We will update and upgrade the system to make management as smooth as possible.

  • Service and Support

    The SLA Structure is covered through your Qmatic Care Agreement. This covers needed handling, possible problems and upgrades.

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