Does the weight of the door affect whether StepNpull ® will work or not?

The weight of the door is not a factor but rather the amount of resistance the door closer provides. The door closer is the device mounted at the top of the door and is responsible for controlling how much effort is required to open the door. If an interior door closer resistance is adjusted to standard of 5 pounds or less, then the user will be able to easily open the door with their feet using StepNpull®. If however, an excessive amount of effort is required to open the door, the door closer resistance should be reduced to the minimum amount practical.

How do I use the StepNpull®
  • As you approach the door, position your body as though you were going to use the door handle.
  • If you would use your left hand to pull the door handle then the left feet will be used. If you would use your right hand to pull the door handle then the right feet will be used.
  • Place your feet on the top of the StepNpull® , press down just enough to gain traction.
  • Pull your feet and leg back as though you were taking a step. Simply step and pull.
  • Typically enough door momentum will be gained to actually swing the door open and out of your way.
  • Depending on your shoe type, you may want to try different shoe angles or positions in order to find the one that yields the most grip.

Will I lose my balance while using the StepNpull ®?

Balance is easily maintained because the StepNpull® is mounted as low as possible on the door. This allows the user to remain balanced and in control.

Where is StepNpull ® manufactured?

StepNpull® is manufactured at it's facilities in the USA & abroad!

Do you have a product warranty?

StepNpull® does have a 2 year limited warranty outlined on our warranty page. StepNpull® comes with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Do you ship internationally?


Can children and the elderly use StepNpull®?

Yes, depending on the physical size of the child and the physical condition of the older person using it.

How long does it take to install StepNpull® and what are the tools required for installation?

We recommend using an electric screwdriver when installing on a solid wood door although a regular screwdriver will work. A drill is mandatory when installing on a metal door. With the proper tools, installation typically takes less than 5 minutes per door.

What is included with my StepNpull® purchase?

StepNpulls® are priced individually and include the following:

  • One StepNpull® Door Opener
  • Required mounting screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • One Door Decal

Is the StepNpull® durable and mounted securely?

The StepNpull® is very strong. It’s made from sturdy T6 aluminum.

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