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The right Queue Management Solution is part of delighting customers. We offer solutions for any size of organization, covering basic as well as complex integration works.

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Maskavia Sdn Bhd specializes in Customer Experience Solution. The result is happier customers and staff which benefits the organization through increased Sales and Cost Efficiency. We manage Customer Flows from initial contact to final service delivery. We make Waiting worthwhile. We offer a Platform for information to be disseminated through Multi Media Electronic Devices. We make customers better informed hence, increase customers’ satisfaction levels. The quality of your Customer Journey impacts every part of your business. Maskavia engineers integrated Software, Hardware and Analytics Solutions that create remarkable experiences from the first point of engagement and keep your people in GO!


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Working Process

How does Customer Journey Management work?


CJM can start before the customers physically visit the shop, bank, hospital or service center. By implementing appointment solutions that enables customers to book an appointment before arrival and later use mobile solutions such as Mobile Ticket to queue virtually, you can eliminate the pain of waiting and provide a positive impact on the customer’s service experience.


On arrival, customers need to be placed in an appropriate queue. Customer Journey Management stresses the possibility of segmenting the customers in different queues if appropriate, rather than entering all customers in the same queue


After arrival and queue entry most customers will endure a period of waiting. A balanced and controlled waiting period is the optimal result for a manager. No one wants to have a completely empty waiting area, as it would most likely mean you are overstaffed. CJM can help managers get the balance just right by improving staff planning and by adding more flexibility to the processes.


If the service provider chooses to identify the customers as soon as they enter the queue, then the staff calling the customer forward can start preparations before the customer arrives at the service point.


After a customer has been served, staff closes the transaction and relevant data – like wait-time and transaction time – are recorded. If required, a case handling function can continue to manage the case throughout its lifetime, from the time it is created, signed over to different advisors or different departments and until the case is closed. Each step is documented and processed.


When data from the journey process is gathered and stored managers can, at any point in time, use that data to evaluate the current processes. Reports can be generated on employee/customer interactions, service times and customer wait times.

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